We all need to pray for our country
...and follow THE CONSTITUTION
(Signed 17 September 1787)
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Most (all) material in this section has been linked to, or copied from the web with proper credit  given to originators. There is no intent to plagiarize or to break anyone's rice bowl.
Washington at Valley Forge
The Long March has begun
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Actually it started in the 1800s and early 1900s; from the foundation by Karl Marx... refined by Antonio Gramsci and then in the mid 20th century it was distilled by Saul Alinsky into a handy and easy-to-follow set of "how-to" rules and guidelines for changing a culture.
Step by step this American republic experiment has been and continues to be - changed. Not by bullet or bomb but rather by an insidious and gradual alteration of our culture.
So what is the "long march"? Do a quick read of  "The long march through the institutions"  via INFO.com research
The long march  goes by many names and at first may seem complex and confusing.  With a little study you will see how brilliantly simple it is... and why it is a threat to our Freedoms and to our Republic.
It will require wading through many links and references.   Then... draw your own conclusions.  It is still America and you are still allowed to do that.