Copied from the writings of Ace Walker
There are at least three types of individuals hell bent on the destruction of the American Republican system.
  • The first suffers only from ignorance.
  • This person means well, but just has either never heard the other side of the story, or is in denial. He's the typical Democrat.
  • The second suffers from spite and envy.
  • This person has a rough comprehension of the ramifications, but can't resist the malevolent urge to destroy what he cannot control. He's your run of the mill radical.
  • The third is the most dangerous.
  • For they know both the meaning and ramifications of what they propose. These are the progressive elite. They have no home or loyalty other than their quest for power, their urge to control labor and resources around the globe. In it's latest incarnation, this elite has taken the fruit of a false premise and morphed it into a total lie. They are well along the road of replacing our republic with a regulated totalitarian oligarchy cleverly disguised as a pseudo-egalitarian democracy. Their method is magical deception, or the distraction of the uninformed. It's pure prestidigitation. Watch the busy hand that does so little, but never the one that actually commits the act. They prosper by the division of opponents, and they have a background.